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What Is a Coverstitch Machine and Do You Need One?

What is a coverstitch machine? Some people call them coverstitch sergers, but that's a misnomer. It's not a serger at all, but...

Buying an Embroidery Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Have you been thinking about buying an embroidery machine? Perhaps you've worked your way through your sewing machine's decorative...
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How to Choose a Serger: Your Quick Guide to These Machines

Do you want to know how to choose a serger? A serger, also called an overlocker, isn’t a replacement...
Sewing Machine

Janome 2212: Is This Your New Sewing Machine?

The Janome 2212 is neither fancy nor impressive looking. In fact, it's a basic and straightforward mechanical sewing machine. But bells and...
Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Models in the Market

Whether you sew items for a living or you do it as a hobby, a heavy duty sewing machine should be apart of your collection.
Best Brother Sewing Machine Models this 2018

The Best Brother Sewing Machine Models – Our Top Picks

A Brother sewing machine is a great product for first-time sewers or people who have years of experience. We've found the top 10 Brother sewing machines for 2018.

Singer 9960 Sewing Machine Review

Image via Pexels The sewing machine you will purchase is a big decision. It is an investment in a machine you will hopefully use for...
sewing machine

How To Thread A Brother Sewing Machine

​Threading a sewing machine can be a challenge despite following the instructions in your manual. A Brother sewing machine is a standard popular machine...
sewing machine

Brother Sb700T Sewing Machine Review

Buying a sewing machine is an exciting decision, but getting the best depends on your skills and budget. The Brother SB700T Sewing Machine is...